Words to Live By

Posted on March 06 2020

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Do you ever sit and dream—I mean really dream? Dreams that begin with the “what ifs” and turn into the blessings of what we have. Words of encouragement, blessings, and empowerment help our dreams become real.

The ladies at Shop A Corner Cottage have created thoughtful inspirations that we as women live by. In the midst of our everyday lives, we often need a reminder of the goodness of God. These small reminders are embodied in the boutique shirts with sayings in our Words To Live By Collection.

Shirts to Inspire

Here at Shop A Corner Cottage, we want our products to not only look and feel amazing, but to inspire everyone who sees them! If we are the hands and feet of Christ, then what we wear should speak His truth, too.

These little sayings and statements that you often read online or see in a post have truly become a statement of who we are. From positive affirmations to love for our home state, Bible references, verses, and more, our boutique shirts with sayings have them all. Here are some of our favorite sayings that come on our inspirational graphic tees:

just enough for today on computer

We Have “Just Enough for Today”

We get so wrapped up in the craziness of life that we often forget to simply be thankful for what we have today. The whole world needs to know this, and our boutique shirts with sayings are the perfect way to share! Remind someone of this beautiful truth and give the gift of a “Just Enough for Today” tee!

Always Try to “Be Nice, Work Hard, and Be Brave”

So many people ask the question: “What is the secret of life?” Well, could this be it? Maybe all we need to do in life really is just that easy: “Be Nice, Work Hard, and Be Brave.” We know that’s what we strive for every day at Shop A Corner Cottage. Snag one of these great boutique shirts with sayings and match it with some beautiful accessories to compliment that look!

Never Forget That “Joy Comes in the Morning”

Let’s face it: life can be really tough sometimes. But that’s why it’s so important to remember that “Joy Comes in the Morning” after every long, dark night! That’s a huge inspiration to so many! Inspire the world in one of these inspirational graphic tees, perhaps with a cute pair of bottoms like denim shorts or jeans!

chosen shirt notebook jeans

We are “Chosen”

Isn’t it so refreshing to know that we are chosen, not forsaken? It just takes such a huge weight off of our shoulders. This is such a simple concept that so many people don’t know or feel in their hearts. Well, it’s time to share that good news, friends! How about pairing a “Chosen” tee with a super cute cardigan?

Keep the Faith and the Style!

We just know you are going to bless someone when you wear one of our boutique shirts with sayings! Tell us about it or reach out with any questions. Browse at Shop A Corner Cottage today online or in-store!


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