Top 5 Timeless Women’s Clothing Styles

Posted on January 16 2020

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Every woman has a fashion staple: an outfit that is her ultimate go-to for any particular occasion. The trick is having a go-to outfit that embodies a timeless style. Fashion trends come and go. It can be fun to have the latest and greatest thing, but you also want some clothes to fall back on. A Corner Cottage, Too has an entire inventory of these classic styles, and we have some top picks for timeless wardrobe pieces for any woman. Join us and discover them now!

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A Classic Dress

We don’t know a single woman that does not have at least one good dress in her closet. Even if you are not a dress person, per se, it’s smart to have one as a backup if you ever need it. You can even change your accessories to transform your dress from formal to casual. Dresses have that classic, timeless style that compliments any age.

3/4 Sleeve Top

Sometimes you just need a simple, elegant, and basic top for everyday life. A basic 3/4 sleeve top is the perfect answer. It’s cozy, comfy, and still one of our favorite chic women’s tops. It’s a great option when the weather makes you question if you need short sleeves or a sweater. We love this classic top because you can easily dress it up with cute accessories or keep it casual for a day out with the girls.

A Beloved Pair of Jeans

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Choosing the perfect bottoms for your outfit can be tough if you’re trying to avoid color clashing or a style that just doesn’t work with your top. That’s why everyone loves a good pair of jeans! They are the best because they are so versatile and you can wear them with almost any top regardless of color. Whether you’re chasing the kids around the park, shopping with friends, or going on a date, you can always count on jeans for a casual and timeless style. Just grab your favorite shirt, sweater, or jacket and you’re ready to go!

Graphic Tees

T-shirts are great for a quick, easy, and timeless style, but you don’t have to stick to solid colors. At A Corner Cottage, Too, we are huge fans of graphic tees. They are perfect for fun and casual occasions where you want to express yourself. Choose from designs that range from images to cute and fun sayings to give your outfit some flair that matches your personality.

Everyday Cardigans

Everyone needs a cardigan sweater! These fashion staples are so practical and versatile that you will probably want one in multiple colors to go with as many outfits as possible. Cardigans can easily transform your look and pair well with dresses, tanks, and other chic women’s tops. As a bonus, a cardigan will help you stay warm in a chilly office or on an evening stroll. Cardigans are light, cute, and look amazing with pretty much anything!

Timelessly Inspired

Find your favorite timeless styles and wardrobe pieces at A Corner Cottage, Too! Questions? Reach out to us at any time; we’re happy to help.


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