The Must-Haves: Classic Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

Posted on March 02 2020

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It’s a Monday morning. You’re feeling groggy and your caffeine fix hasn’t kicked in. With eyes half open, you amble to your closet and stare blankly, hoping for something to catch your eye.

Does that sound familiar? If this is you, then you need some classic wardrobe staples in your life! We all have a case of the Mondays sometimes, and a go-to outfit can make your morning so much easier when you’re just not feeling it. A Corner Cottage has key outfit pieces that will make it faster and easier to get ready in the morning.

must-have sweaters

Classic Style—Confident You

Every woman’s wardrobe needs the essential women’s clothing that can get you through the day when you’re not feeling your best or you’re running late. Colors and styles may change, but your basics are the foundation of your style. Your wardrobe essentials are often pieces you can mix and match with various outfits to make them work for a variety of occasions and seasons. With a strong foundation, you can be confident in how you look and feel every day.

Sweaters: Sweaters are basically the ultimate classic wardrobe staples because you can do so much with them. Whether it’s a hoodie, cardigan, or just a regular sweater, you are in good hands. We love sweaters because of how comfortable and chic they are. There’s nothing better than snuggling up in a cozy sweater, except maybe looking adorable while doing so!

woman in printed cardi

Vests and Printed Cardis: Similarly to sweaters, vests and cardigans are fantastic items to have in your wardrobe for whenever you need them. They’re comfortable enough for everyday activities, but can also be dressed up for something more formal.

One helpful aspect of these tops is that layering basic vests over solids or prints helps expand your closet! One outfit can suddenly become three with these classic wardrobe staples! And even a printed cardi can be thrown over any basic top to complete that outfit in a breeze.

Basic Tops: Every great outfit needs a solid base. That’s why basic tops are so important when planning your wardrobe. When you have a firm foundation of something that might seem plain or even boring, you can get totally creative with other pieces of apparel or accessories. Think of your outfit as a blank canvas that you get to splash with color, texture, and whatever feels most like you! Start with a basic top and add some jewelry, a vest, or a cardigan to change up your look.

Jeans: The great thing about jeans is that they go with almost everything. Spring picnic? Grab a tee shirt and jeans. Date night on a chilly evening? Try jeans and a sweater. These classic pants are a definite go-to for any wardrobe.

Everyday Fashion Made Simple

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Make the Monday blues a little bit easier with these classic wardrobe staples of essential women’s clothing. We invite you to stop by in-store for pick-ups or to just look around. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to help you!


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