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Posted on August 02 2019

mix and match

Textures, prints, colors — it can be frustrating to figure out what exactly goes together! But, we believe that the Rules of Fashion have changed to let you explore more when designing an outfit. At A Corner Cottage, Too, we love how mixing various prints and textures of fabrics creates a stunning unique look! Whether you’re mixing multiple pieces or finding a single shirt that does the job, we’re happy to help you discover the perfect ways to combine different styles. Check out our mix and match outfit ideas to get inspired today!

It’s All in the Details

Mix and match fashion is all about the details of an outfit. Something as simple as the texture of two different fabrics could be the key to your ensemble. You don’t have to go big and bold by mixing two wild prints or three bold colors. Try mix and matching leather and lace, or a silky printed fabric and a waffle knit. Taking this third element into consideration is something that a lot of people forget when creating their outfits. Adding textures to your consideration of color and pattern is like suddenly discovering a sixth sense or a fifth dimension.

Textures, Colors, & Prints — Oh My!


Each of these different elements can be used solo or all together to mix and match an outfit. Let us break down the basics of color, texture, and pattern for you, so you can fully explore what they mean to create the perfect look. You now have three categories to explore when putting a look together.


While furs and woven clothing may have been your only options back in caveman days, since the industrial revolution, fashionistas have had access to silk, knits, spun cotton, and a variety of blends. Even pedestrian fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex have contributed to the selection of textures you can find in clothing stores.

When you’re considering which fabrics to mix and match for an outfit, find textures that are completely dissimilar. Surprisingly, a dark waffle weave fabric that is lightweight can look and feel warm and comfy when matched with a dark sheer paisley print and carefully paired with a lighter knit fabric. A light, silky blouse mixed with Burberry’s signature fabric, balances the ultra lightweight and flowing style of silk with the sturdy, tightly woven Egyptian cotton of gabardine.

Come up with your own mixtures of fabrics and let us know which were your favorite.


Color is the key! Designing the piece around one color scheme will help you pull the outfit together! There are analogous colors and complementary colors that can spark your imagination for putting together a mix and match outfit with finesse and flair.

Analogous colors are those that are next to each other on the wheel, like violet, indigo, and navy or chartreuse, yellow, and lime. Complementary colors are the ones across from each other on the wheel. Consider pairing saffron and eggplant shades or pomegranate and ivy hues.


Mixing similar prints, but in a variety of sizes, always works together — especially when the colors are neutral. Creating a mix and match outfit that utilizes neutrals and nudes makes for a very sophisticated look that allows for a lot of flexibility.

Explore a combination of large format black and white stripes with small format black and white houndstooth. The two prints are tethered to each other due to the matching colors, but they still create an eye catching combination of completely different patterns. You can even find a fabric that mixes and matches two patterns on the same piece. One of our favorites is a blouse that blends a paisley pattern and a diamond print pattern in the sleeves with a unique 3D knit on the body!

Ignore the Rules!

printed and waffle

Back in the day, people went crazy over fashion rules! Wearing the wrong thing could get you thrown out of a party or turned away at the door of a theater. Today, we like to keep it a little more relaxed when it comes to wearing the right thing. There are no real rules of fashion here — except to look and feel amazing! Find your confidence experimenting with mix and match fashion when you shop with A Corner Cottage, Too today!


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