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Posted on April 15 2019

The best women’s fashion accessories aren’t just for show. Far from it, in fact. They’re functional, complete any outfit, and will last long enough to go through years of style.

Why settle for anything less than an accessory that you’ll love? When you’re shopping for a new accessory, it’s a good idea to choose wisely and go for the classic yet cute fashion accessories that you know you’ll love wearing again and again. In this article, we ladies at A Corner Cottage, Too will share some of the women’s fashion accessories that we’ve enjoyed wearing not for a month, not for a season, but for years. They make us feel confident and chic every time we wear them. From jewelry to cool weather accessories, we’ll be sure to cover as much fashion ground as possible in this post.

1.  Versatile Sunglasses

Sunglasses Accessories

We think it’s safe to say that if you can only have one fashion accessory, it should be a good pair of sunglasses that match your style. Allowing UV rays to hit your eyes without filtration can lead to eyesight damage and wrinkles around the eyes, not to mention unnecessary squinting. This particular women’s fashion accessory can be expensive, though. To make sure that your investment is worth it, look up ways to match sunglasses to your face shape before committing and go for a versatile style that goes with everything.

2.  Signature Silver Necklace

Necklace with single charm

Casual and dressy outfits alike can be greatly approved by the addition of a simple silver chain with a meaningful little charm on the end. Choose a durable necklace that means a lot to you, and you may even want to wear it every day. Some of us here at A Corner Cottage have a deep love for our cross necklaces, but examples of other charms you may like include coins, moons, other astral imagery, and stone pendants.

3.  Chic Infinity Scarf

Striped scarf

Infinity scarves are cute women’s fashion accessories that look trendy and help keep you warm to boot. To put one on, all you have to do is hang it around your neck, then loop it around once more. It takes no time at all! For the spring and fall seasons, you can go for a scarf in silk or chiffon material. For the winter season, there are wool and heavy cotton options available, too!

4.  Easy Shawl Vest

Another cool weather women’s fashion accessory that we swear by is a shawl vest, which combines the looseness of a shawl with the structured shape of a vest. Easy to shrug on when you’re on-the-go, a shawl vest is the perfect piece of light spring/summer outerwear to hang on your coat rack, then grab last-minute before you head out the door. Here at A Corner Cottage, Too, we carry an easy shawl vest in several pleasing colors.

5.  Adventure-Ready Fedora

Many hats can keep the sun out of your face, but few are as stylish as the fedora. This women’s fashion accessory is youthful, chic, and versatile. They keep things low-key when you have a lot to get done, yet they give off classy vibes when you’re putting together an outfit to remember. You can wear them to serious hikes and laid-back picnics alike.

6.  Rustic Braided Belt

Ideally, your pants will all fit so well that you never require the use of a belt. Even if that’s the case, however, sometimes an outfit will look incomplete without a little something there to define the waist. When that happens, a boho braided belt is our favorite cute women’s fashion accessory to reach for. They’re more stylish than a plain leather belt without being too showy. They happen to go well with denim and casual summer dresses, both of which we love to wear.

7.  Practical Fanny Pack

Now, on to that category of accessories that so quickly leads to obsession – bags! While we’re certainly quite proud of our purse collections, we’ve also recently been rediscovering the merits of the fanny pack. At first, we adopted this handy women’s fashion accessory out of practicality - sometimes our days present us with endless errands - but we’ve slowly started to incorporate it into more stylish looks as well. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with a fanny pack or belt bag. Just find the one that’s stylish as well as practical!

8.  Convertible Crossbody Bag/Clutch

Colorful Fashion Clutch

One of our favorite accessories that we stock right here at A Corner Cottage, Too is our convertible wristlet crossbody clutch bag. Small and easy to grab on to, this bag is not just fashionable but also ready to accompany you on all of your adventures big and small. Best of all? This versatile women’s fashion accessory is available in more than 50 different expressive colors! Pick up one in your favorite color, then surprise your friends and family with bags in the colors they love.

Discover Classic Casual Accessories

Here at A Corner Cottage, Too we live the dream by spending our days collecting the best unique, empowering clothing, accessories, and gifts for our beloved customers. We’ve been at it since 2014! At this point, we’ve made an art out of discovering cute women’s fashion accessories that will bring out the best of your sense of style and personality.

It’s easy to stay classic and chic, even on the busiest days of your life. We invite you to explore our eclectic mix of accessories and discover the pieces that will light up your look.


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