Classic Boutique Dresses Perfect for a Business-Casual Workplace

Posted on February 10 2020

woman wearing time away dress

As a woman in the professional world, you want to make a statement while still remaining appropriate to your workplace. The balance between style and practicality can be very difficult to master. Shop A Corner Cottage is here to help you find that balance in your everyday life. We are proud to offer this collection of casual boutique dresses to boost your wardrobe and provide you with some outstanding business casual staples. You will shine bright at the office as a dependable professional that has a glowing style.

Everyday Dresses For Home or the Office

When you’re wearing a dress to work every day, you need it to be incredibly comfortable, breathable, and fashionable. Whether you plan on wearing it with a cardigan or a pair of jeans, it has to be dependable from the beginning. We love these dresses for their flair, adorable designs, modest yet flattering shape, and so much more.

winter pantone dress close up

Time Away Dress: We love this Time Away Dress in our casual boutique dresses collection because it feels more like a timeless dress! With a flattering criss-cross neckline, this dress is perfect for a casual day at the office. 97% polyester, it is also super comfortable for all-day wear. The Dusty Rose Floral design brightens the dress right up, adding some glamour and charm. This dress would look adorable with a classic pair of pants underneath too!

Winter Pantone Dress: What we love about this Winter Pantone Dress is that you can really wear it all year long! With its two patterned design, this casual boutique dress has a classic and comfortable feeling. You won’t feel like you’re in a stuffy dress at your desk all day. Instead, you’ll be cozy and comfy while you work. These muted, subtle colors make the dress elegant and versatile for the ideal business casual staple outfit.

woman wearing bubble sleeve high waist dress

Button Down V-Neck Tie-Sleeve Dress: If you need a plain, yet beautiful and professional dress for work, you need this Button Down V-Neck Tie-Sleeve Dress. We love how clean and crisp it looks and its linen material creates a classic, casual style. The tie-sleeves give it that something special to bring your attention to it. Whether you wear it as-is or with a cute cardigan, you will be business ready in one of these casual boutique dresses.

Bubble Sleeve High Waist Dress: Talk about the perfect light and simple office dress. This Bubble Sleeve High Waist Dress is adorable, convenient, and completely business casual. The dusty, earthy floral pattern is fun and stands out, but this classic and elegant dress is still a great choice for your business casual staple.

Be Confident in These Classic Dresses

Whether you choose to browse Shop A Corner Cottage online or in-store, we want to make sure you feel confident and ready for the day in our outfits. If you need casual boutique dresses for the office or for the home, we have just the thing. Have a question? Please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you!


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