All About Denim: Fun Facts About Jeans

Posted on August 08 2019

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Ah, blue jeans. You either love them or hate them, and most of the western world loves them. Jean styles encompass denim pants, vests, skirts and other clothing accessories made from denim materials. What we at A Corner Cottage, Too love about denim is how easy it is to create effortless, everyday styles with them. We invite you to read the history of this timeless piece of clothing and get inspired along the way!

Blue jeans

Denim was invented in 1871 by Jacob Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. Their denim trousers, now called blue jeans, were made from a hardy cloth that consisted of a mix of cotton warp and wool weft, sometimes known as “Virginia cloth”. Today, jeans can be made entirely of cotton, making them softer to the touch.

Blue jeans were originally designed for cowboys and miners because they needed a good, sturdy pair of pants that would stand up to the rigorous activities of these occupations. Throughout the 1950s, rebellious teenage “greasers” were all about denim and made these pants a trend. Teenagers continued to carry this fashion throughout the hippie era into today.

Denim style has grown to be the beloved pants of adults and children alike. Jean jackets with metal snap closures became popular in the late 1970s and continued to be a trendy fashion until the early 1990s — and have recently had a comeback. Despite having known all about denim for most of your life, here are some fun facts about jeans you may not have known:

Fun Facts All About Denim

  • The first name for jeans was waist overalls.
  • Levi Strauss & Co. obtained a patent for blue jeans in 1873.
  • The first label ever sewn on a garment was a red flag sewn next to the back pocket of a pair of Levi Strauss & Co. jeans.
  • A boutique in the New York East Village was the first shop to make ‘grunge’ jeans. They immediately became the newest trend.
  • 20 thousand tons of synthetic indigo is produced each year for dying jeans.
  • One bale of cotton can make up to 225 pairs of jeans.
  • Statistically, every American owns, on average, seven pairs of blue jeans.
  • In the 1950’s, blue jeans were not allowed to be worn in schools, theaters or restaurants.
  • Approximately 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the USA each year.

Popular Trends Today

Who knows how long America will be all about denim and blue jeans, but the end of this fashion trend appears to be nowhere in sight. The ‘grunge’ style of pre-worn, ripped, faded, and torn jeans have been popular for decades and can be found in any boutique or big box store. Jean jackets are still a classic throwback that looks good today. The evolution of jeans into different styles and cuts, like flares, boot cut, slim fit, stretch, Capri and more make these pants versatile enough for anyone to find a favorite cut and join the ‘all about denim craze’ that has taken the USA by storm.

You can also find rompers and jumpsuits in denim. These, along with jeans and shorts, are often adorned with artistic stitching, showing scenes of butterflies, flowers, or ornate patterns, and can have rhinestones and other flare attached for some added intrigue. While jeans with flare can be eye-catching, a pair of jeans that fit your curves, flatters your shape, and feels comfortable all day long are likely the ground works for most of your wardrobe. Jean pants, shorts, and skirts can go seamlessly with almost any style of top. And jeans don’t come in just one color, blue, anymore. Companies that are all about denim have made jeans popular in black, tan, white, olive and other shades of dark to light blue. If you looked hard enough, you can likely find jeans in any color you can imagine.

Embroidered hemline ankle  jeans and taupe booties

A Corner Cottage, Too is all about jeans! We have jeans with embroidered hems, denim vests, jumpsuits, shorts, and capris. All are available in comfortable styles, whether you love pull-on jeans with elastic waistbands, buttons, or traditional styles. Come take a look at our styles that will look good on you and have you feeling fabulous.


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