5 Classic Clothing Styles for Date Night

Posted on April 06 2020

woman in gray jumpsuit

Have you ever gotten to date night and suddenly had absolutely no idea what to wear? If the location is a surprise or this is your first date with someone new, you might be worried about over-dressing. You want to look cute, but also stay comfortable and true to yourself. It’s such a struggle! Shop a Corner Cottage has some classic style clothing ideas that offer versatility for dinner at a nice restaurant or a night at the movies.

Dress Your Best

Half the fun of date night is getting ready. We love to dress up and look our best for date night because every date is a special occasion! While it’s fun to spice things up and keep your look fresh, it’s important and helpful to have some cute and modest clothing styles in your closet as a foundation for those times when you’re running late or you’re not sure what to wear.

striped pants and sweater

Vintage: Vintage is an excellent style for date night because it’s classic and elegant. Bringing back the vintage look is a brilliant way to bring class and grace into your outfit without having to buy anything fancy and expensive. Vintage is a classic clothing style that will leave you feeling comfortable and cute. Some of the best dresses out there are actually calls to old-time fashion!

Chic: Are you thinking you’d rather follow fashion trends that are a little more modern? If your tastes are more current, then these chic styles are definitely for you. Take a risk with something new, like a cute jumpsuit or a patterned pair of pants. Trendy is always a good option for a date night style. When you dress in a chic outfit, you’re sure to impress!

Casual: Unless your date involves something fancy like dinner at a 5-star luxury restaurant, you probably want your style to be more casual. The casual style is perfect for a trip to the zoo, an arts festival, or your favorite coffee shop. Graphic tees have fun and inspirational designs that make them a perfect option for a casual night out. Pair one of these shirts with jeans and a cargo jacket and you will be an absolute hit in this cute modest clothing.

woman in pink sweater

Flashy: “Never let anyone dull your sparkle!” If you like to shine bright and get a little bit of attention, flashy might be the perfect classic clothing style for you! To get that extra bit of bling, add some accessories like a necklace, earrings, or a scarf and flash the night away!

Cozy: Is your next date going to be a quiet night in? For nights like this, you want to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. No one wants to curl up on the couch in something itchy or constricting! We’d recommend a soft sweater or t-shirt and cardigan as your top. You can pair sweaters with any kind of bottoms and can dress them up or dress them down as you need!

Save the Date

No matter what classic style clothing you decide to go with for your next date night, we are sure you will look fabulous—and your date will think so, too! Shop A Corner Cottage today and take advantage of our in-store pick-up!


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